July , 2006 News


July 29, 2006
Two Sunni Mosques In Baghdad Attacked

July26, 2006

Iraqi Prime Minister to Address Congress

July 25, 2006

Second  Chaldean Youth Convention- LA


July19, 2006

"Find Peace in the Lord"

July18, 2006

Nearly 6,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed In May, June

July15, 2006

2006 Graduate event Sponsored by  Knights Of Columbus

Gunmen Kidnap Iraq Olympic Committee Officials


July13, 2006

Iraqis Assume Responsibility For Southern Province


July7, 2006

Blasts Strike Sunni Mosques In Iraq


July 5, 2006

The Chaldeans


July 4, 2006

Mother Of Life Conference with Father John Corapi


July 3, 2006

Jordan Protecting Saddam Hussein's Daughter

June 30, 2006
An Art Exhibition That Makes You Sense Iraq’s Heartbeat

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