June , 2006 News

June 28 /2006

Russia: Duma Assails Iraq Coalition Over Diplomat Deaths

June 27 /2006

Saddam Anfal trial to start August 21

Tentative Support Given To Premier's National-Reconciliation Plan

June 26 /2006

"Find Peace in the Lord"

Bush Says Pullout Depends On Conditions In Iraq


June 23 /2006

U.S. troops must balance life at home, mission in Iraq, say chaplains


Iraqi Catholics in U.S.: Rival sectarian factions in govít no guarantee of religious freedom


Iraqi Christians are heading towards genocide



Gaining a Better Understanding of IRAQ


June 17 /2006

Mourning Susie

June 14 /2006

First Communion Celebration at St Peter Chathedral


Memorial Day Picnic


June 13 /2006

Baghdad Patriarch Hopeful After al-Zarqawi's Death


June 10 /2006 



Local Iraqis React to Death of Al-Zarqawi

Iraqi Catholic patriarch: al-Zarqawi death brings hope

June 9 /2006 

Iraq: What Does Al-Zarqawi's Death Mean?

June 8 /2006

Al-Zarqawi Killed

Parlo Italiano!!
I Speak Italian

Dinner With Bishop Sarhad Yawsip

June 6 /2006

Iraq To Release 2,500 Prisoners

June 5 /2006

At Least 50 Kidnapped In Baghdad

June 2nd /2006

Rumsfeld Defends U.S. Conduct In Iraq

Al-Zarqawi' Tape Urges Sectarianism In Iraq




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