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         Dec 03, 2007

The Nation That Does Not Learn About Its History Will Be Inflicted
With Degradation And Be Worn Out !

Amer Hanna Fatuhi



Dear All,

Kindly be advised that as an expert in the fields of Art & History of Ancient Mesopotamia, I have lately finalized the modified version of my latest released encyclopedic book titled (The Untold Story of the Native Iraqis / Chaldeans ... Since The Early Beginning of Time / 5300 BC - Present) which is going to be released in Iraq (in its second Arabic version) by the Chaldean Cultural Society in the coming weeks.

This three-part (400 pages) academic study which I have achieved in two years of hard work and more than 25 years of studying and researching was released in its first Arabic version on December 25th, 2004. This exceptional study presents the history of Native Iraqis (Chaldeans) along with other local Iraqis who are all together the heartbeat of modern Iraq.

This study is not only focusing on Chaldeans, in fact, the Section titled (Babylon and Jewish In History) of the first part plus the second and third parts of this reference include a long and well documented researches and chronology on all ethnic groups of Iraq especially our brothers and sisters the (Jewish of Babylon), simply because those two deep rooted groups are according to the historical documents, Biblical codes, and excavated antiquities the Native Mesopotamians.

Moreover, this study introduces the general history of Iraq (100.000 BC - Present) in a unique manner, aiming at familiarizing the public with a better understanding of Iraq, its diversity and its recent complicated conflict.

Dr. Abdulhadi Alkhlili, the Iraqi Cultural Attaché in Washington, DC and every other scholar who read this academic study with its genuine maps, illustrations and other accompanying authentic documents, was pleased and satisfied with the academic value of this study and the unique views that were tackled.

As you might know, the last few decades of embargo on Iraq, besides its latest chaotic conflict made this time hard and critical for all Iraqis in general and Chaldeans in particular. I am willing with the gracious support of the concerned people to work on releasing the “English version” of the modified “Arabic  edition” on May 17th , or Sept. 1st  2008 to provide the rest of the world as well as our Chaldean nation with: (The Untold Story of the Native Iraqis) which was suppressed for centuries and was wiped out from the Iraqi educational system and the public domain.

I strongly believe that your gracious support is needed now more than ever to support your own people, and make their ordeal visible to all humanity by covering in part the (professional translation and editing fees) of this crucial study. A stand that would help publish it and reach out to all concerned people all over the world. In return you will get fair and reasonable moral and tangible, privileges (See the underneath benefits). 

I would definitely welcome a meeting with each sponsor to guide  her / him through the modified script and allow her / him to become more familiar with the vision, values and purposes of this academic study.

This study will serve to grant us our legitimate rights in our homeland and eventually to enlighten the human society as well as any future Iraqi governments about the historical fact, that is:

(Our people are not immigrants to Iraq, but rather, they are the Native Mesopotamians, and that we are more than ready with the grace and willing of our Lord to work hand in hand with all Iraqis to rebuild the modern democratic Iraq).

Those important points will undeniably help us regain our status in the new Iraqi Constitution and its future amendments, not as a marginal ethnicity but as the cornerstone of the Iraqi people, this will also push the necessity of teaching our Native Iraqi language “Chaldean” and our history in schools, universities / colleges of art, so that we may be rightfully recognized as the Native Mesopotamians. 

I have already approached many big publishing companies with the major points and values of my book, and they are more than pleased to publish and market the book when the English draft is provided. I also researched and contacted many professional translating companies and individuals, finding that Seven to Ten (7-10) thousand dollars will be needed to guarantee a professional translation and editing of this eminent and significant study.

To those who are quite familiar with this crucial project and are willing to support promoting their own Legacy to the whole world, kindly issue your tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 or more to: Chaldean Educational Center of America, and mail it to: CECA, PO Box 1011, Hazel Park, MI 48030 USA

Your Benefits are Worthwhile :

1- You will receive a letter of Tax-Exemption from the CECA for the contributed amount.

2- Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on a special space on the first pages of the book.

3- You will receive up to 10 Free copies of this vital study valued at about $400.

4- You will also receive “among your Free Copies” up to five autographed books.

5- Your gracious Support will be announced via all possible media, Papers, Radio & TV as well  

   as Chaldeans and major Iraqi Web-sites, besides other Web-sites.

Best Regards

Amer Hanna Fatuhi

Visual Artist & Historian



PS. To view the detailed index of this project, its academic references in (English, Arabic & Chaldean), and other important details, kindly visit the main page (Projects) of the website: www.iraqiartists.org