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           April  07, 2007 

About the Exhibition

 The Many Colors of IRAQ@

April 14, 2007

Gaining A Better Understanding of Iraq


In this present day in America, there is an untold story about Iraq and Iraqis. There is also, many sides yet to be explored. Let us start by prospecting the Native Iraqis= art works and their fellow Iraqi artists, so that we can better understand Iraq=s future by means of this distinguished horizon.


Mesopotamia (Modern Iraq) is undoubtably the foremost cradle of human culture altogether as all archeological, historical and Biblical sources agree. It is the land of FIRSTS,  where the Proto-Chaldeans (of Babylonia) systematized the humans daily life (5300- 482 BC / 127 BC-636 AD).

Our ancestors have also excelled in the areas of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics and Ceramics, in which they accomplished unique contributions that have impacted so many contemporary artists such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Constantin Brancusi, in addition to a long list of abstractionists.

Nowadays, the Native Iraqi artists AChaldeans@ and their fellow Iraqi artists are holding the torch of noble art forward. By this they are asserting the concepts for which art exists namely: compassion, beauty, and peace. Not to mention that art is the only hope not only for Iraq but for all humanity to prevail.


On the occasion of AKITU, AThe Chaldean Babylonian 7307k New Year@, the Mesopotamia Art Gallery had the opportunity to gather for the first time Masterpieces by The Pioneer Artist Issa Hanna Dabish, the Well-known artists Ali Talib, M. Muheraddin, and Ismael Khayat, along with the late Artist Khuder Jirgees. The other participating artists in this exhibition are from USA as well as overseas. Among the most prominent ones comes the late artist (Ziad Haider ). The list also includes M. Abdulla,, Burhan Saleh Kirkukly, Mazin Elia Al Sha=awi, Qais Issa Al Sindy, Roche Binyamen, Dr. Wissam Marqus, Josef Yousif, Alaa Hermiz, Sulafa Roumayah, Sam selu, and Zuhair Sha=ouni, besides the art directors Lavon Ammori and Amer Fatuhi.


Amer Hanna Fatuhi-Senior Art Director

Painter & Art Critic, Member of iaa

“The International Association of Professional Artists / Paris”


To Read the Invitation kindly visit the link below: