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         July 09, 2008

2008 Chaldean Assyrian Youth Convention
 Second Day - Friday, July 04, 2008

Procession Morning Prayer

St. Peter Youth Group
Rhonda Alkatib

St. Mary’s greeted all churches in the morning, introducing the planned events for the convention and then hosting a fruitful breakfast. They followed with a beautiful Morning Prayer that involved the participation of every convention member.

Our beloved Mar Sarhad Jammo spoke briefly about the beauty of uniting the youth and he encouraged us to continue to go above and beyond in every aspect of life. After prayers and introductions, we were split into two large groups, those younger than 18 went off to one side, and those above 18 went to another. There were two planned lectures for each group for the afternoon, and two workshops that followed.

The first workshop for the 17 and younger was led by Julius Bercasio and was titled Peer Pressure.  The second was about The Call of Christ held by Fr. Andrew Younan.
For those 18 and older, the first workshop was about relationships with one another and with God, led by Brian & Rosie, titled Seek & You Will Find. The second was a powerful lecture by Jimi Netniss about the power of Mass and its purpose, titled Why Should We Come to Mass. This was an incredible discussion about the reasons for joining and participating in weekly mass, and the reason mass is vital to our lives.

Lectures and Workshops, Friday 04, 2008

Upon the conclusion of workshops and lectures, the churches of our St. Peter’s Diocese piled into several buses to Treasure Island in San Francisco to watch and enjoy the fireworks. The buses did a mini-tour of San Francisco before taking us to the magnificent church of St. Ignatius where we held Evening Prayer. The architecture of the church was fascinating, and Our Beloved Bishop explained features of the church that relate back to early traditions found in mass and their significance. We then had the opportunity to cross over the famous Golden-gate Bridge, covered entirely by fog but still an incredible sight to see.  We took in the beauty of San Francisco and continued our journey over the grand Bay Bridge before heading to Treasure Island. Despite the cold winds and drop in temperature, dinner was served and singing and dancing went on until the fireworks began. After an exhilarating day, the group returned to their rooms to rest up for their big day of sports.


Photo Album of Welcome Night - Thursday, July 03, 2008