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           July 07, 2011



Chaldean Scouts Constitution & Bylaws


A. Mission of the Chaldean Scouts

Chaldean Scouts are a non-profit, non-political, diocesan organization in California, Arizona and Nevada dedicated to the development of the Chaldean youth so that they can become strong leaders through training in the areas of leadership, teamwork, discipline, resourcefulness, and communication, comprised by the two groups, the Chaldean Boy Scouts and the Chaldean Girl Scouts.

How do they achieve their mission?
Chaldean Scouts achieve their mission through scouting, athletic programs, and cultural education. These programs operate with strong focus on developing leadership potential and encouraging Chaldean culture and traditions, i.e.: preparing outstanding and law-abiding citizens by providing opportunities for future leadership, but ensuring the preservation of our heritage at the same time. Chaldean Scouts is an organization that promotes a sense of fraternity and humanitarianism that extends far beyond mere camaraderie and benevolence.

Why become a member?
Any Chaldean-American individual 10 years of age and older can be a member of Chaldean Scouts as long as their parents sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.

a) What do the Junior Scouts do?
• Junior Scouts are aged 10-14.
• They meet weekly to learn important skills, and build strong friendships with fellow scouts.
• Embark on many outdoor-educational outings including camps, hikes, etc.

b) What do the Senior Scouts do?
• Senior Scouts are aged 14-18.
• They meet weekly to practice and learn important skills and continue their strong friendships.
• They compete in sports tournaments and games.
• Give a helping hand, when the Chaldean community needs it.

c) What do the Auxiliary Members do?
• Support and participate in organizing social/cultural events.
• Participate in committees (newsletter, educational, public relations, communications, finance, social, and athletic).
• Support fund-raising activities.
• As a parent, become a physical presence at scouting and athletic activities.

Where and when do the Scouts meet?
The Scouts meet at local Chaldean community centers weekly at specified times.

What should you bring to Scout Activities?
• Happy and healthy Attitude
• Full Uniform
• Educational materials as needed.


B. Organizational structure of Chaldean Scouts

• The governing body of Chaldean Scouts is the Scout Council, which is comprised of seven members: four advisors appointed by the local Chaldean Eparch, one representative of the Executive Board, one representative of the Chaldean Boy Scouts, one of the Chaldean Girl Scouts. Its Mission is to formulate and supervise the programs and activities of the Scouts.

• The Executive Board is comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Representatives of various activity committees, i.e., Cultural Education, Scouting and Athletics. It is not to exceed 12 members, who are appointed by the Scout Council.

• The Chaldean Scouts will explore and learn to appreciate nature through outdoor educational trips, hikes and camping.

• The Chaldean Scouts will promote bodily discipline, exercise and teamwork through sports and other games.

Cultural Education
• The Chaldean Scouts will teach and promote the Chaldean Language and heritage, including music and art, harmonizing both American patriotism and Chaldean cultural pride.


C. How Do I behave in Scouting/Athletics?

a) Respect
1. I will have the utmost respect for my leader(s), understanding that they are volunteering their time for the sake of my education. This includes but not limited to:
a. No talking when Leader is talking
b. Not following the directions of Leaders
c. No yelling
d. No inappropriate behavior
e. No talking back
f. No Swearing
g. No misuse of equipment
h. No damage to the property of the Gym or any visiting location

2. I will respect my fellow scouts. This includes but not limited to:
a. No eating or drinking at meetings
b. No interrupting a fellow scout when he/she is talking
c. No interfering with the education of any other scout
d. No name calling, belittling or negative talk

3. I will respect my uniform, scouting principles, and my organization. This includes but is not limited to:
a. Respect the scouting / national flags and not let them touch the ground.
b. Uniform should be clean and ironed
c. Scouts scarves and hats cannot touch the ground
d. Follow and participate in the scouting lessons with interest
e. No Swearing
f. No smoking, drugs or alcohol
g. No provision of drugs, alcohol or tobacco to underage youth

b) Punctuality:
1. I will be at scouts every scheduled meeting, and will not be late, unless informed otherwise by my leader.
2. I will notify my leader if unable to attend.
3. In case of trips, I will be at the meeting location at least 30 minutes before departure.

Disciplinary Policy:
• If a scout breaks the rules of conduct, he/she will be disciplined appropriately.

1) Minor Discipline:
1. Push ups and laps around the gym.
2. Being asked not to participate in a scout activity.

2) Major Discipline:
1. Discussion of issues with individual member and leader present.
2. Being held back from activity and/or athletic games/events.
3. Discussion meeting with parents and scout leader(s).

3) Extreme Discipline:
• Parents will be notified and scout could be suspended.
• A meeting will take place with scout’s parents, corresponding leader and/or the Executive Board to try to solve the problems and ensure the situation is not repeated.
• For repeat offenses, expulsion from the program/organization is a possibility.

I have read and understood the mission, policies, guidelines and the code of conduct of the Chaldean Scouts and agree to abide by its Code of Conduct and be subject to the Code’s Disciplinary Provisions.


Name of Member (Print): ___________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________ Date:________

Name of Parent/Guardian (Print): ___________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________ Date:________