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          Aug 06, 2012



Civilization’s Blueprint


Chaldean history book now available in English: The Untold Story of Native Iraqis

By Weam Namou

On the occasion of the Chaldean-Mesopotamian New Year AKITU 7312K, The Untold Story of Native Iraqis: Chaldeans Mesopotamians 5300 BC – Present, was released in an English version at bookstores and major online retailers during the first week of April.

“This book provides a historical perspective about the true identity of Iraq’s minorities, specifically Chaldeans,” said author Amer Hanna-Fatuhi. “It also analyzes the issue of usurping their national identity by the Arabs, Turks and Kurds since the seventh century AD.”

Hanna-Fatuhi is an expert in Mesopotamian history and visual arts, having studied both fields academically from 1975-1983. Since then he has developed researches, essays, workshops, classes and history books. A consultant to a number of museums, academic institutions and encyclopedias on Mesopotamian history and Middle Eastern religious groups, one of Hanna-Fatuhi’s significant achievements was designing the Chaldean National Flag in 1985.

The book explores the identity of Chaldeans and looks at their creations -- the blueprint for all civilizations -- their intellectual and spiritual preoccupations, their role in shaping modern Iraq and their hopes for the future. It also introduces the general history of Iraq (100,000 BC present) and documents the chronology of all of Iraq’s diversities, including the Jews of Babylon.

The study brings up an issue of a global double standard that is most commonly apparent in the media and academic institutions, Hanna-Fatuhi notes, “to be a semi-intentional concession to ignore native Iraqis’ unique achievements and marginalize Mesopotamia’s rich cultural heritage. These acts of diminishing Mesopotamians’ legacy sometimes go as far as unfairly attributing their remarkable accomplishments to other civilizations.”

Using his 25 years of studying and researching, Hanna-Fatuhi worked for two years on the Untold Story of Native Iraqis, which was initially released in Arabic in 2004. With the help of his wife Eman Elias, he has been able to bring the English version “to light.” Hanna-Fatuhi hopes to assist the new Iraqi government better understand Chaldeans and their role in creating and shaping Iraq throughout history.

“Chaldeans and other Christians have suffered horrific violence in their homeland for more than 13 centuries,” he said. “Today, Chaldeans and other Iraqi minorities face the darkest phase of discriminatory extremist groups in Middle Eastern history.”

As a result of this, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of Chaldeans in their homeland. Hanna-Fatuhi is shocked that the whole world is still tongue tied as it silently watches the ongoing cleansing of this “native, creative and peaceful Iraqi group.”

“This book intends to help those victimized and vulnerable people to be noticed, and to urge the international community to engage more actively in protecting them,” he said.

Helping officials and others be aware of the Chaldeans and their remarkable history might encourage them to protect those who are facing a dark destiny in their own homeland Iraq and the displaced neighboring countries, Hanna-Fatuhi hopes.

“The nation that does not learn about its history will be inflicted with degradation and die out,” he said.

Hanna-Fatuhi claims that when America signed the Security Agreement, which shifted power from the U.S. to Iraqi officials in 2009, “we lost Iraq” because the country’s current officials are not politicians but religious leaders.

“The shift was rushed and na´ve,” he said. “We just cut and run.”

While America has all the words about the war in Iraq, he said, it is unable to form a single sentence explaining it.

“There is an untold story,” he said. “There is a side yet explored. Let us start from the beginning. Let us begin with Iraq’s history, so that we can better understand its future.”

Hanna-Fatuhi is currently working on his next book, Jihadists’ Propaganda: Crusade Wars as an Illustration, which he hopes can be used as a tool to protect the United States and the civilized West from a future mass attack, whether foreign or domestic.

“We cannot stop the ongoing violence merely by using weapons and troops, which are nothing but tactical tools,” said Hanna-Fatuhi. “Our only hope is to fight the misleading ideology of the extremists that has so far proven its success in dividing the West and recruiting more Jihadists, even from sympathized westerners.”



Courtesy of the Chaldean News