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           May 24, 2012



Romney not Receiving the Majority of Latino Votes

Romney needs a 'magic number' to beat Obama.

Like every recent Republican nominee for president before him, Mitt Romney will not be carrying the Latino vote. However, improving where he stands among Latinos is extremely important for his chance to defeat President Obama.


Romney is sure that the economy will be the most important factor in the election.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online): Romney has a six-point statewide lead over Obama, 47% to 41%. Florida has the nation's third largest Latino population, and while Romney received 40% among Hispanic voters, Obama slightly beat him with 42%. In a previous Quinnipiac University survey, the president enjoyed his lead of 58-30 among Latinos.

Although there is no exact "Latino number" that Romney must receive to guarantee his victory in key states, the closer he gets to 40, the better his chances will be. As of now, Romney has a wider lead over Obama among non-Hispanic whites than John McCain did on the 2008 election day. However, Romney is attracting a small one-fourth of the Latino vote, which is among the worst showings by a Republican presidential nominee in the past 35 years. His current status on immigration reform has indeed complicated his efforts to appeal to the nation's largest minority group.

Romney is sure that the economy will be the most important factor in the election, but he is very well aware of his "personal Latino problem." He warned that unless more Hispanics can be convinced to vote Republican this next election, President Obama's superior lead in the polls among Latinos "spells doom for us."