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           Jan 12, 2013



2014 Chaldean National Calendar CNC



Those who are most successful are the ones
Who never underestimate the impact of culture on business!

Dear All,

The Chaldean National Calendar Staff would like to sincerely thank you for supporting cultural projects such as the “CNC”. A wise step that would in return enable us to promote your business with the Chaldean community all over the United States in general and in Michigan in particular besides familiarizing the Americans with our ancestors’ rich history.

We are seeking your participation in this Project because “You represent the bright picture of Our Community”.

You are cordially invited to sponsor the 2014 CHALDEAN National Calendar scheduled to be published in November of this year by the Chaldean Educational Center of America CECA Metro-Detroit in collaboration with the Chaldean Media Center in San Diego, CA.

CECA, as you might know, is a non-profit organization 501 (C) (3) established since 1974 to serve over 250,000 members of our Chaldean community in Metro-Detroit through unique programs.

It is a great opportunity to be promoted (24/7) inside Chaldean and other Americans living rooms and commercial working places. So, please seize this opportunity to help us help you market your business for a whole year in a professional way and a fancy design. Kindly remember, “If you wait too long, it might be too late”.

Very Respectfully,

CECA / Media & Public Relation Committee
www.chaldean4u.org / contact@Chaldean4u.or

Ads Contribution Guide:

1- Golden Sponsor - Inside ad (Sponsor of the Month), full color process, plus (Front cover space & Back Cover ad), in addition to a 12 month Logo, and a 12 month outside space (ad) for only $3000.

2- Inside ad (Sponsor of the month) Full Color Process and a 12 month outside space (ad) for only $1100.

3- A 12 month outside space (ad) Full Color Process for only $250.

Your Benefits are Worthwhile:

1- Your contribution on the Chaldean National Calendar is tax deductible.

2- We will post your sponsorship in addition to your name and contact number in all accessible media & Mobile Apps / TV, Radio & Newspaper, Chaldean and other Iraqi major websites all year long.

3- You will receive up to 300 free calendars valued at about $1500.

4- The Calendar will be posted as a PDF file all year long on CECA official website in addition to other major Chaldeans websites and Facebook pages.

5- Your business will be a household name in metropolitan Detroit, CA & IL) as well as Windsor, Canada.

* There will be only 12 major sponsors, so whoever comes first will choose the month that he/she favors the most.

* The above Ads Contribution Guide and Benefits apply to the Advertisers from the Golden State of California, Arizona and Texas.


Courtesy of www.IAmedianet.com