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           Oct 26, 2013



Introduction of The Captive Princess



O children of an honorable people, let us see what happened in the story of a family from among our relatives, and from a monastery from among the monasteries of our Chaldean Church.

This family was of the head of a village named Sahdona, and his village sat upon the river Khabur. The story of Sahdona, a Chaldean Christian prince, happened 600 years ago, between the years 1400 and 1405 AD, when the soldiers of Tamerlane the Tartar were attacking Mesopotamia and its surroundings.

They were making war with the Mongols, Turkumans and Persians on one side, and with the Ottoman Turks on the other side. The father of this family, Sahdona, because he was a Chaldean leader who would not accept slavery for himself or his family, was killed in a calumny by a group of Tartars, and the mother, Nahreyn, remained alone the lady of the house with her seven children: four sons, Shammyna, Saggyna, Kanona and Kaldu, and three daughters, Shereene, Shoshane and Shammamta.

The monastery which is remembered in this our story is the monastery of Mar Abraham, near the village of Pheshkhabur, and its anba was Sabrisho’. It had a school filled with students whose teacher was this monk Sabrisho’.

O poor Church of the East, whose center, the Patriarchate of Babylon received so much at the hands of the Mongols, and after them these Tartars of Tamerlane! How from such breadth and extension of her ecclesial body, which extended from Mesopotamia to the Sea of China, this same spiritual body was cut apart and minimized, and was constricted to the boundaries of Mesopotamia.

What shall I say? Perhaps this story is the story of our people, and the story of our nation, and our church, until today, but with different names and people.

And this is their story for you, as it happened...