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           Nov 05, 2013




The Captive Princess Character List


Nahreyn: Mother of four sons, Shammyna, Saggyna, Kanona and Kaldu, and three daughters, Shereene, Shoshane and Shammamta. She represents the Chaldean culture and heritage as it once was. She is the remnant of the glorious past. She is a dignified and older woman, as well as a widow. Her husband died defending his country and was a man of action.


Kaldu: One of Nahryen’s four sons. He is the hero of this play because of his refusal to follow in the distorted path of his brothers and sell his freedom and authenticity to the Ottomans and Tartars. Because the times have become so desperate, Kaldu is forced to flee from his homeland in order to preserve himself, his family, and his cultural and spiritual authenticity. He is the most noble of his brothers and most like his father.

Sabrisho’: The Anba of Mar Abraham monastery, Sabrisho’ is a holy monk who cares for his people and tries his best educate them through the difficult times they are living in.

Shammyna, Saggyna, Kanona: Kaldu’s three misguided and wicked brothers who sell themselves into servitude by joining the regiments of the Ottomans and Tartars in order to become wealthy. This they do at the price of robbing from their own people.

Shereene, Shoshane and Shammamta: The three daughters of Nahreyn. They follow the guidance of their mother and are dignified women of intelligence.

King’s Minister: Right hand man to the King Tamor, the Minister is the one who sees to employing the agents of the occupied countries ruled by Tamor. He uses bribery and intimidation to secure his ends and is at the full disposal of the king.

Reshsmakha (Master of Banquet): Another one of King Tamor’s henchmen. He makes sure that those who sell themselves into the servitude of King Tamor enjoy the benefits of their treachery by filling them with food, wine, and other pleasures.


Other Characters


Disciples of Sabrisho

Brother Bar-Etta

Brother Qal-Isho

Servant women