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          Sep. 27, 2014


Pentagon meeting with delegation of indigenous people of Iraq


Press Release: September 27, 2014

Upon invitation from the Religious Affairs Team at the Department of Defense, a meeting was held between delegates of the Native Iraqis Task Force and high ranking officers in the above field and their assistant, represented by Chiefs of Chaplains, on September 23, 2014. The Task Force represents a number of Chaldean organizations in Michigan and California, headed by Chaldean activist, attorney Nazek A. Gappy, visual artist & historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi, President of the Chaldean Educational Center of America. The delegation was also accompanied by Dr. Suhaib Nashi, the president of the Mandaean associations Union.

Present were Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief of Chaplains, CH COL Michael R. Coffey, Chaplain (Colonel) Daniel Ames, US Army, Joint Staff Chaplain, and master CH asst MSG Annie Jackson. Also joining was Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, president of the Genocide Watch and Professor at George Mason University, Mr John Liden, the European/Swedish intern director, and researcher, and attorney Elizabeth Cassidy the deputy director for policy and research at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

The meeting took place at the chief of Chaplains office at the pentagon. During the long morning meeting, many issues and views were reviewed and discussed with respect to the ongoing genocide of Iraqi Christians and other minorities.

In addition, during the exchange, Professor Stanton, the leading expert on genocide, clearly declared that the Ethno-religious cleansing and what it is happening to the indigenous people in Iraq "can only be called genocide." This knowledge necessitates national and international, ethical and legal implications.


Courtesy of IAMN


About the campaign (Blue Ribbon), to keep the ongoing genocide of our people in mind, see: