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          Feb. 02, 2015



United State/ Canada Iraq Compensation Project

Native Iraqis Compensation - Form (NIC-F)

On January 31, 2015, the Chaldean Educational Center of America (CECA), in Madison Hts., MI, hosted between the hours of 2:00 - 6:00 pm tens of families, most of whom were Iraqi Christians attending the event, to launch a class action lawsuit against the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional government. The attendees were native Iraqis, who due to many reasons including persecution, were forced to flee Iraq and leave behind, lands, properties, jobs and businesses, not to mention, over 7314 years of history and heritage.

Attorney NAZEK A. GAPPY, P.C. addressed the audience at CECA main conference room about the lawsuit process as well as the requirement to be included within this class action lawsuit. She also talked face to face with those who were either waiting in the lobby or lining the hallway to obtain the forms.

Mr. Amer Hanna Fatuhi, the president of the Chaldean Educational Center of America, assisted Attorney NAZEK A. GAPPY, P.C. during her speech as well as in answering many important questions that were asked by the audience.

It is worth mentioning that many prominent Chaldeans, as well as university students, helped as volunteers in handing out and explaining the technical details of the forms.

Mr. Jalal Hanouna, the president of St. Michael Aid Society, Mr. Masoud Sana, the Editor-In-Chief of al -Sunbula Magazine, Dr. John Mardo, from Universal Services Assembling, Ms. Jihan Shamoun, from St. Georges Church, Mrs. Dina Asso, from UR multimedia LLC., and Ms. Uruk Shendaj, from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, were among the main volunteers who played a big role in helping the attendees to fill out the required forms properly and accurately, to whom there are no words of thanks to show our appreciation.

Media correspondents were there to cover the event, including the Middle East Radio (Mr. Salah Kulato), Gamelaty magazine (Mrs. Ban Al-thahab), al-Sunbla magazine (Mr. Masoud Sana), and Babylon newspaper (Mr. Zuhair Nissan).

The Forms will be posted on www.Chaldean4u.org. All native Iraqis who were subjected to any kind of mistreatment, abuse and persecution during the reign of the previous Iraqi regime, as well as the post-2003 Iraqi regime change, may be entitled to compensation. For those who are seeking compensation, to apply now online:

1- Print out and fill out the forms.
2- Scan the filled out forms as a PDF file no less than 100dpi and e-mail them to: contact@chaldean4u.org

If the attorney, NAZEK A. GAPPY, P.C., requires more information or documents in the future, one of her assistants will contact you. Do not mail us original documents, unless required by the attorney in writing.
We will keep collecting data and names to empower the lawsuit. We will also keep you posted of any further updates with respect to this lawsuit.

Attorney NAZEK A. GAPPY, P.C. is a fighter, who does not quit, give up, or rest until she secures your rights.

Below are a few photos from the January 31, 2015 event that cover the conference room only. These photos were taken by Mr. Yousif Youhanna: