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          May 11, 2015



Learn & Appreciate

The Diehard Native Iraqis’ History

Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300BC - Present


An Interview with Amer Hanna Fatuhi

On the 3rd Anniversary of his Book Release



*By: Nazar Malakha*

 Part I of II

The Untold Story of Native Iraqis | Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300 BC – Present, by: Amer Hanna-Fatuhi is a groundbreaking work that further explores the true identity of the indigenous people of Iraq, Chaldean-Mesopotamians is presented in the compelling book.


Hanna-Fatuhi worked for two years and spent over a quarter of a century researching the history of the region. This book perfectly illuminates the antiquity of Babylon and the indigenous people of the region next to other well-known and obscure ethnic groups. It allows for a more profound awareness of the Iraqi people’s individuality as well as the country’s social and political dynamics.” … Xlibris


During the time when I was writing my Master’s thesis about Chaldeans, I received vital help from Amer Hanna Fatuhi, the renowned visual artist and historian, who is the author of the celebrated history book entitled The Untold Story of Native Iraqis, which was one of my core references. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the book, I decided to interview the author, whom I appreciate and admire.


In the last three years, many interviews were conducted with you about your latest book that legitimizes the Chaldean authenticity as being the indigenous people of Iraq.


However, there are a few indignant attempts by unhappy individuals at your book; I have already shown you some of their comments and you yourself referred to one image of the cover of your book that was posted on an anti-Chaldean Facebook page. That is why I decided to conduct this interview from a new and different angle; my first question is:


Could you enlighten us about your background, and why there are unhappy readers who are not scholars in your field, “ancient Mesopotamia”, but who are in fact school-students and youth who think that Assyria and Assyrians of the past represent an ethnicity?


Would you also like to acknowledge those who made this academic study come true?



- Firstly, I would like to thank you for having and engaging me about this encyclopedic book, which I consider a revolution in the way that scholars must look at and explore ancient Iraqi history, as well as bringing to light the ongoing political campaign against me and my latest book. However, my philosophy is quite simple, “even a tiny speck of light can disturb and put an end to the entire dark.” In reality, that was the purpose behind writing this book.


As you might know, since my latest certified letter was mailed to the US Secretary of State, the Honorable John Kerry, on Feb. 11, 2015, the imported group “from Iran and Turkey”, the so-called Assyrians, have been living in a state of rage and fear. The reason for that is that their widespread false political agenda has been exposed for the first time to the public, the worldwide leaders, and decision makers. This path will damage and end their fake, insecure credibility in addition to annihilating their misapprehension in no time, not to mention, destroy the false propaganda they started since they officially adopted the coined term “Assyrian” at the 1976 synods in Baghdad.




Secondly, with respect to my background, I have been and I still am studying, writing, and working in this field, “ancient Mesopotamia”, since the late 70s of the last century, when I had my first degree as well as my first academic certificate from the Iraqi Museum. In 1981, I received my second Diploma in the Mesopotamian Arts and History. In 1993, I was contacted by the director, Mrs. Suhair al Tal, M.A. / the Jordanian ministry of culture, with respect to establishing a new museum in Amman. In 2002, I became the director of the National Chaldean Museum of Babylonia in metro-Detroit. Due to a request from Dr. Adhid Miri, PhD, the president of the Chaldean Museum at Shenandoah in 2004, to create a detailed plan to open a new museum (which I did), I also wrote the museum proposal, as well as the short academic study that could help achieve the goal properly. Not to mention, I have held three history shows in order to educate and improve the skills of the Chaldean museum staff.


My first book about Chaldeans and Mesopotamia was published in Iraq in 1988, while my latest 550-page academic book, The Untold Story of Native Iraqis, was published in the USA in 2012, and is one of my seven books that were published in this field.


Not to mention, I have published other books and studies, including the 2014 study that was approved by the Australian Department of Immigration through the Chaldean Community Consultation, and my most recent book, Chaldean Legacy, which I am in the process of publishing soon. Currently, I am the senior director at EA Strategic Research & Consulting / Ancient Near Eastern History and Ethno-religious studies.




My other credentials are posted on my official website: www.amerfatuhiart.com


I would like to take this opportunity to state a solid fact to those politically motivated amateurs, who are claiming that they are unhappy with my book, and I assure you, that this fact will make those so-called Assyrians feel miserable.


To those who do not know, I would like to say that, in the past, I have challenged two top so-called Assyrian scholars, “Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Souf and Dr. Donny George”, and that took place after refuting their false claims and their so-called Assyrian propaganda. Guess what?…Both of them ran away, because they know what I am stating is true, and because they know me very well, ever since I was studying and researching this field and writing about it, as well as writing critiques on a weekly basis in national and international magazines since the late 70s.


It is all documented via public domain articles. You can easily Google them by simply searching for my name along with theirs. Alternatively, visit the two links below:





The above two articles are in Arabic. Therefore, if you are incapable of reading them, just let someone translate them for you. However, the below link is in English:


Furthermore, I have been offered many opportunities to give academic lectures and classes at respectful universities. Among these universities is the University of Michigan, by its president, Prof. Daniel Little in 2004, and Madonna University, by Prof. Jonathon Swift, the President of the International Center in 2008, who were quite satisfied with my book.

I have also resumed my position as the Senior Advisor for the U.S. Army on Ethno-religious Affairs for years, and in 2011, I was offered a higher position as an instructor at the academic Center for World Religions, at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Furthermore, Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Souf, whom I encountered in 1999, has posted my book on his official website as one of the “academic references” among other famous academic books that were written by the masters of this field.

In fact, Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Souf himself tried to make it up to me and, instead of apologizing to me publicly, out of admiration, he posted my book among other academic references, especially after retreating from his old position and concentrating during his last years on his Babylonian roots, which he announced on his last interview before passing away.

To those who are interested in viewing these academic references, they can easily be accessed by visiting: http://www.abualsoof.com/inp/view.asp?ID=226

However, for those who are scared to death that their imaginary Assyrian ethnicity will be proven fake if someone came across my book, then it is another opportunity for them to run and try to remove that source from that website, though it does not matter, because I have it all saved as PDF images.

I would also like to state that I am quite appreciative to all my instructors who helped me throughout the years to enrich my knowledge and who guided me to become what I am now. Having said that, I would sincerely like to thank the wonderful Dr. Bahija Khalil Isma’il, in particular, and Dr. Fawzi Rashed, to whom I am quite appreciative for mentoring my 1989 thesis, “Mesopotamian Gods and Demons”, as well as my short study, “Pictograph and Cuneiform Signs as Visual Elements | Kish Pictograph Symbols as a Direct Base to Uruk Cuneiform Signs”. Not to mention, I would like to thank most of the Iraqi scholars and archeologists who taught or worked with me in the past.

I have been academically studying, researching, and working at the Iraqi Museum and at historical sites inside Iraq for over 30 years. My first book, “UR of the Chaldeans … Native Iraqi’s Perspective”, was published in Iraq in 1988, which was viewed and approved by Dr. Fawzi Rasheed and Dr. Tariq A. W. Madhloum. I have visited and researched almost every single ancient site in Iraq related to my field.

In my latest book, there are close to 800 academic references; I strongly believe that most of those individuals, who keep childishly running into me on social media accessible by anyone, are not aware of even 5% of these references.

What role do you think the Chaldean Catholic church has to play with respect to the Chaldean ethnicity, without having any conflict with the main purpose of the church?

-Frankly, ethnicity has nothing to do with religion; ethnicity and church denomination are totally and completely different matters. However, the Chaldean Catholic church derived its name from Chaldeans, the indigenous people of Iraq and the majority of Iraqi Christians, who are the core of this Holy church. Yet, the leaders of the Chaldean Catholic church can play a vital role in strengthening the Chaldean nation.

For example, His Excellency Bishop Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo has done so, although he is a bishop.  He is definitely doing a great job in strengthening and expanding his Dioceses’ missions and tasks. However, he is ethnically Chaldean himself, and he did not only recognize his Chaldean ethnicity publicly, but he is considered one of the major activists and influential voices among Chaldean activists worldwide.

The point here is you can do your part as a priest successfully, e.g., Fr. Noel Gorgis is another example, who is practicing his priesthood successfully, yet he is doing a great job in promoting and educating Chaldeans and others about the remarkable Chaldean history as the director of the Chaldean Media Center in California. Bishop Jammo, Fr. Gorgis and other clergies from the Chaldean Catholic church are not politicians; they are just normal people, who are showing their pride and appreciation to their ancestors and their heritage.

One more example, my father, Hanna Fatuhi Hanna Beth Shendakh Brikha, is from the Christian town “Pakhdida” which literally means the house of God, it is also known as “Qarahqosh”. My father followed the Syriac Catholic Church, not the Holy Chaldean Catholic Church. However, he did not have any problem attending the Mass at any Chaldean Catholic Church, since my mother was from Telkeppa. I am ethnically Chaldean just as all the Iraqi Syriacs, who were originally members of the first Mesopotamian core church of the East in Babylon, the church of Kukhi.

My fathers’ rite is the “Syriac Catholic church”, which literally means the “Christian Catholic church”. Personally, I do not care; the Syriac Catholic Church or Chaldean Catholic Church or any other church works with me, simply because Jesus is one and we are his church.

For those who cannot understand that ethnicity has nothing to do with peoples’ religious denomination, I would like to say: One time, I was attending a Mass with a friend at an Assyrian Church in Warren, Michigan. When we reached the part to receive the communion, I walked toward the Alter and received the communion like all those who were attending the Mass. Does that make me a member of the so-called Assyrian church? Absolutely not, yet it simply makes me a Christian.

What is your take on the ongoing campaign against you personally, why now and why by school-students only?

One may wonder why the so-called Assyrians have decided against debating and invalidating the message of my letter to the Honorable John Kerry or my books, especially by their scholars and experts, a task that is quite impossible to achieve. The other question is why are they directing all their fully loaded weapons to shoot the messenger?

The answer is simple, because the contents of my letter did not include but solid facts that are backed up by tens of tangible documents about these delusional, newly coined, imported cult from Turkey and Iran.

When it comes to my book, no so-called scholar dares to debate its tangible, scientific and Biblical facts and documents. In the end, this leaves them no other option but to shoot the messenger by means of an evil and nasty plan and cowardly campaign that would concentrate on discrediting the author. Their tactic is to use school students and other amateurs who have nothing to do with the field of ancient Mesopotamia and who have absolutely nothing to lose, whether that would be their zero achievements or unreliability, while doing the dirty work for their cowardly scholars and politicians for three reasons:

1- Obscuring the main theme in order to blur the scene and take the attention from the main issue, in which they are not natives of Iraq and their so-called ethnic “identity” is nothing but a forgery.

2- Wasting my time and energy, by going back and forth responding to those amateurs’ comments, while giving their politicians the needed time to continue deceiving the West. It is not school-students’ plan as you might think; but in fact, it is nothing but another political game into which I am not willing to be dragged.

3- Silencing any Chaldean activists or writers, who might think to expose their deception and lies in the future. Their common tactic to execute that is to use profanity and negative comments to flood the social media, in order to give a hard time to the Chaldean activists and writers, who might think twice before walking this hectic path. However, this tactic has proven to be less effective on Chaldeans who stand their ground firmly.

On the other hand, such attempts are and will be easily defeated by examining the facts that are supported by existing exhibits as well as scientific-biblical documents that were used in my latest book, The Untold Story of Native Iraqis.

One has to understand that for those school-students, it is never about learning the facts but merely a political game, that was crafted by their ideological mentors, to waste my time and energy on side-encounters that are nothing but delusional thoughts, by those who are in a state of deception themselves. Among those unrealistic beliefs is outrageously believing that the Assyrians of the past were an ethnic group, rather than just a mix of inhabitants of a state who were originally invaders from abroad, “Shubaru”, and locals who moved from Babylonia to Assyria in the beginning of the 19th century BC. Overall, responding to such comments each time someone makes his/her naive comments is not only unwise, but also illogical and unprofessional, especially when such a false belief was refuted academically and in detail in my books.

However, to cease in commenting on untrue and unimportant matters, I think that the best way to mute those deceived is to offer them their needed antibiotic as a daily dose of truth. Such a path will definitely help them to learn and accept the bitter reality of which they are in denial, which will also help them to step out of their Assyrian daydream and fantasy. Although, most of them are just hopeless cases, similar to dealing with a longtime heroin addict.

How about the improper comments that were posted by the anti-Chaldeans on the major online bookstores that sell your book?

- Frankly, I do not care about these comments. I am also not concerned about those who might be confused by such comments, because they are not the kind of readers who I am looking for.  However, I would love to say to these daydreamers, so-called Assyrians, and other pawns, who accepted being used by the corrupted Assyrian political parties, the following:

I would firstly like to thank these individuals for posting their improper comments about my latest book, “The Untold Story of Native Iraqis”, without even having the chance to read it, because such comments will expose their bias, especially when they concentrate on assaulting the author using profanity. I would also like to invite all those who are reading this interview to do their homework on this subject, by reading, exploring and examining the contents of my latest book, which was reviewed by many professionals, including Prof. Dr. Mary C. Sengstock, PhD, who has already published three books about Chaldeans, as well as other professional book-review writers:


More reviews can be found on the main-page, “Author & Reviews” at:


I am quite sure that honest readers, as well as those who are seeking knowledge, could easily reach a solid, fair conclusion about “who is who” and “what is what” on their own.



*Nazar Malakha, M.A., is a professional writer and historian. He is also the former vice-chairman of the founding members of the Chaldean International Writer Union.


------- * -------


An invitation to refresh the so-called Assyrian memory, “an excerpt from one of Amer H. Fatuhi’s articles”




Scientific equation in six steps- Gentle Reminder

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that the names “Babylonia” and “Assyria” are “regional” names, and the inhabitants of these two regions took their designations as “Babylonians” and “Assyrians” from those regions’ names, as nowadays Iraqis and Americans take their national names (designations) from Iraq and America


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that all “Assyrian” local dynasties came from Babylonian origin


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that “Chaldeans” are themselves the ancient “Babylonians”


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that Chaldeans “ethnically” are the founders of both regions, "Babylonia" and "Assyria"

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that the first and the last Mesopotamian king was descendant of “Chaldean - Babylonian” ancestors.


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees on a scientific and logical fact that, because Mesopotamian “Assyrians” came from the Mesopotamian “Babylonians”, and because “Chaldeans” are themselves the ancient “Babylonians” then, logically, the ancient local “Assyrians” are therefore “Chaldeans”