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          May 14, 2015



Learn & Appreciate

The Diehard Native Iraqis’ History

Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300BC - Present

An Interview with Amer Hanna Fatuhi

On the 3rd Anniversary of his Book Release




*By: Nazar Malakha*

Part II of II

In part one of this two-part-interview with Amer Hanna Fatuhi, the prominent Chaldean visual artist and historian, Fatuhi shared with the readers important biographic details. He also covered through a strict and professional response the most recent campaign against him and his work by a politically motivated group. In addition, Fatuhi explained in details the big differences between the common terms, such as nationality, ethnicity, and church denominations that most mainstream readers do not think of or recognize.

It is also worth mentioning that Fatuhi was selected in 2009, among ten other worldwide, intellectual, professionals in the section entitled “Voices Against Darkness", by the academic magazine, “World Literature Today” (Nov-Dec 2009 issue), which is published by Oklahoma University,”, an honor of which all the diehard Chaldeans are very proud.

To read Part I, visit the link below:


Your book has a unique tool, visual elements that are quite different from other traditional books. Could you enlighten us about this wonderful approach and display?

- As a visual artist and as a historian, I worked hard to come up with a new way of offering education and basic information in the field of Mesopotamian history, taking into consideration the desire to make it remembered and appreciated. The best way to do so is by creating illustrations using my long experience as a visual artist and graphic designer, whose illustrations, and art works both handmade and digitals were appreciated and used by many museums and art galleries worldwide, as well as the Directorate of Antiquities and the Tourism Administration in Baghdad since 1978.

Can you give us examples about this exclusive field of artwork?

- With pleasure, in fact, there are four kinds of images in my book:

1- Traditional Mesopotamian images of antiquities and historic sites. These were either published separately or as part of other antiquities and historic sites to avoid any copyright issues.

2- A couple of illustrational images mixed with additional texts and cuneiform inscriptions that were not part of the original element. These kinds of images are meant to give the readers a specific view without having issues with the copyrights of these images and without referring to them as an antiquity; i.e., the image on P. 22 the Terracotta plaque of a dragon with the word Kal Du in cuneiform. By the way, the Latin-Cuneiform writing system that was used to write the word Kal Du is also my design. In another case, I just added the cuneiform text to a modern sketch, see P. 238 “En khe du anna/Enheduanna’s disk and her name in cuneiform”, while the original disk does not have her name in cuneiform on that side. Also, see P. 314 “mixing between modern illustrations and ancient tablets”.

3- Grouping images of antiquities and historic sites as well as between both antiquities and historic sites in one image, to give the reader a better understanding of the covered subject in that section. This educational montage technique also puts the publisher on the safe side and avoids any copyright issues.

4- The most important and unique images are the illustrations that I have researched for years and created as digital illustrations, including section II of Part IV, Illustrations and maps PP. 506-517, which you cannot find in any other book.

Your long study and work in this field, as well as your book reviews and approval by prominent scholars are from my viewpoint unmatched, yet why do you think, this latest personal campaign against you and this genuine book is occurring?

- Simply viewing who is making these impropriate attempts against my book and me could allow you to easily reach a solid conclusion that there is not even one historian or academic scholar in this field among those who are waging this immoral campaign. The other fact is all those unhappy with my book are members of the so-called Assyrian cult, which also tells a lot.

The second part of my book covers the 14 misconceptions that were created by the so-called Assyrians' political parties to discredit Chaldeans, who are the only legitimate indigenous people of Iraq.

What is making them so angry is that for the first time in modern history a 550-page academic book exposes their somewhat well made propaganda. Furthermore, they are upset because the basis of my book does not match the lies that they have been fed and have been living with for years. One may also take into consideration their constant exposure to lies and the daily false propaganda by the so-called Assyrian political parties and their well-financed media outlets, which can fool and deceive many educated people, nonetheless those who were told these lies since they were children.

Does that not bring to your attention the Hitler Youth program, where the Nazis used to brainwash those innocent German children in order to manipulate them, and convert them into monsters and war machines, capable of carrying out the Nazi agenda?

It is common among such mixed religious-political cults that have an identity struggle and divergence to realize that they are unable to convince the elders, in this case the Nestorians who lived through the 1914-1920 tragedy, running from one country to another, knowing the truth about their real home and non-Mesopotamian identity. The latest example is the assassination of their Patriarch, Eshai Shimun XXIII on November 6, 1975, who by the way, was the last Patriarch carrying the seal of the Shimun dynasty, that states: The humbled Shimun, Patriarch of the Chaldeans. This impression of this seal was used in 1975, not thousands of years ago!!

That is why the only demand that they had after importing them to Iraq in 1918 was to allow them to go back to their home-countries, Turkey and Iran, as well as their other alternative, Brazil, not Nineveh Plain which they are claiming is their “ancestors' land” nowadays!

Nevertheless, it is another matter with the new generations because they are a clean slate, which is much more vulnerable to ideological manipulation. Such a practice will create unhesitant recruits capable of assaulting others and specific targets, including denying their own history as an imported group from outside Iraq, as well as turning their backs to their real identity as imported Nestorians.

As you know, this group’s media is so effective because of the funds they are receiving in the name of all Iraqi Christians. How could an unaware individual recognize what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to this cult’s member claiming that they are the Assyrians of the past, the majority of Iraqi Christians, and that they are an ethnic group, rather than individuals who have no certainty about their identity?

- This is not an issue among most historians who are quite familiar with the ancient people of Mesopotamia. However, it is quite a different issue when it comes to the mainstream westerners. The reason for such confusion is, because most westerners know only very little information about Mesopotamian history, which does not allow them to understand this matter.

Chaldeans are the majority of Iraqi Christians, around 80%, and if we add to that their brothers and sisters the Iraqi Syriacs, then their percentage will jump to 93%, while the so-called Assyrian percentage is around 4%.

Mesopotamian civilization was never created or improved by the Asiatic-Anatolian Assyrians, “the mountain nomad tribes known as Subartu/Shubaru” from Bitlis a natural stretch of Taurus mountains south of Ardhrum “Turkey’, but by our local Mesopotamian ancestors, the “proto-Kaldi” (5300 BC).

It is also well known that the politically motivated AINA, Ishtar TV, Ashur TV, and other so-called Assyrians' media outlets are very successful in spreading the Assyrian hate and bias against the indigenous people of Iraq, “Chaldeans”, including our proto-Kaldi brothers and sisters in Christ, the Iraqi Syriacs.

Yet we have never heard from any so-called Assyrian a single complaint against these extremist and bias media outlets.

A one-time visit to a media outlet, such as AINA, is more than enough for those who are quite familiar with Iraq’s ethno-religious diversity to figure out that AINA’s deception is with no doubt the cornerstone to twist and manipulate the truth. Once again, the same old tactic was used during WWII by Paul Joseph Goebbels, who was the Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany.

One example of the unbelievable bias of the so-called Assyrian media outlets, their ongoing false propaganda and continuous deception to impose a false identity on the indigenous people of Iraq, “Chaldeans”, can be found at the link below, which designates Ankawa and two Syriac girls as Assyrians:


Westerners do not know that Ankawa is a completely, 100% Chaldean town. They also do not know that the little girls, Mariam Behnam and Sandra from my father’s town, Pakhdiad (Qarahqosh), are Syriac Catholics who have no ties whatsoever with the so-called Assyrian cult, who were imported by the British occupation forces in 1918 from Iran and Turkey.

The other example is that St. George's Monastery (Mar Gurguis, as it is known in Mosul) is part of the Chaldean Catholic Church and it is congregated by Chaldeans, yet see how the so-called 1976 modern Assyrians' political media outlets refer to it in their "news":


Honestly, I do not care if those so-called Assyrians called themselves Martians or they claim that they are alien-visitors from a parallel universe. However, it is disgusting and immoral to strip the native Iraqis of their ethnic identity and falsely call these little girls Assyrians, the coined name that was created by the British in 1884 and was adopted officially by the Nestorian churches in 1976.

A non-Chaldean may say, what is wrong with calling these little girls Assyrians?

- Aside from the fact that there was no such ethnicity in the ancient history called Assyrians; it is not only the improper name, but also part of the foul agenda behind using such inappropriate made-up name to designate all Iraqi Christians. The entire political motivation behind discrediting Chaldeans was planned and orchestrated to use the Chaldeans’ large numbers inside Iraq and abroad to implant the so-called Assyrian agenda, “having a state of their own on a foreign land, in this case Iraq”.

It is also shameful of those who dare to call our Chaldeans by the 1884-coined name, Assyrians, because we are the native Mesopotamians, “Chaldeans”, and not some Asiatic-Anatolian foreigners as the real proto-Assyrians were.

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to correct these shallow-minded youth, especially refuting the common misconceptions that are swamping the internet by the so-called Assyrian politicians and their one-sided thinking pawns, since they labeled their Nestorian churches in 1976 as the Assyrian Church of the East. In reality, that does not go back more than four decades, let alone thousands of years as they falsely claim!

I heard that some of the unhappy individuals with your letter that was mailed to the Honorable John Kerry, are approaching your friends and associates in Michigan claiming that they are boycotting the Chaldean Educational Center of America (CECA) and whoever might associate with you, because you have offended them by stating "designating Chaldeans as Assyrians is an insult". What is your take on that?

Such a petty statement is just another “hit below the belt” attempt to hurt my reputation. I intend to answer this statement directly, loud and clear:

Those who are claiming that they do not associate with CECA are dishonest about this matter. Such people did not associate with CECA in the past and will not associate in the future, because CECA is a stand-up organization that does not trade principles with money or positions. Since I took over CECA in 1996, our motto was and still is “to the best of our Chaldean community”, which we interpreted to deeds. Boycotting us by those losers will definitely help us concentrate on the main picture and resume our path firmly.

When I stated that designating Chaldeans as Assyrians is an insult, I meant it 100%. However, I was not referring to those modern deceived and deceivers, who are claiming nowadays that they are the Assyrians of the past, but in fact I was referring to the real proto-Assyrians the Asiatic-Anatolians “Shubaru”, who were aliens from ancient Turkey, and have no ethnic ties with the nowadays cult who are claiming those alien identities.

To be more specific on this issue, by calling us Assyrians, they are alienating the indigenous people of Iraq, “Chaldeans”, not to mention, designating us as Assyrians. They unwisely equal our existence in Iraq to the imported and other immigrant groups, besides the invaders who took over our homeland after the Islamic invasion, while the main difference is Chaldeans are the indigenous people of Iraq but those other groups are not. The point is we are not aliens but natives, so calling us Assyrians = aliens, is nothing but a direct insult. I hope that they could understand my viewpoint and digest it, although, I doubt it.

What word would you like to say to those who are claiming that you are ignoring responding to numerous approaches to clarify specific points about the book and yourself?

- A big smile, to those who do not know or recognize the difference between nationality, ethnicity, and religious-rite, I would like to state: read and learn, and before approaching me with your naive questions, you have to ask yourselves, "are you what you think you are and what tangible evidence beyond any reasonable doubt you have to support your fantasy"?

My other question regarding those numerous imaginary approaches is: by who was I approached and what are their credentials that would allow them to question my research? The final question is, do I have to answer every childish question?

My only answer is, definitely no. It is, once again, a situation that raises many flags about why such a poor approach was performed by one or two school-students, not scholars, and why this insistence on shifting the attention from the subject to shooting the messenger? … Such a poor approach is entirely about the so-called Assyrian’s political game that I am not concerned about, because I do not play games.



When the LORD's authority was challenged by some brainwashed, blind, unbelievers, “…Mark: 11- 28 and began saying to Him, "By what authority are You doing these things, or who gave You this authority to do these things?" 29 And Jesus said to them, "I will ask you one question, and you answer Me, and then I will tell you by what authority I do these things. 30 "Was the baptism of John from heaven, or from men? Answer Me."…

Therefore, do I have to take such a poor approach seriously, and do I have to answer these amateurs? … Absolutely not.

For those amateurs, who are claiming the so-called Assyrian ethnicity, they need to understand that the original proto-Assyrians “Shubaru / Subartu”, were not even Semitic people, but Asiatic-Anatolians, which means they were not even Mesopotamians.

Mixing the cards, feeding themselves lies, and deceiving unaware people about this subject might work for a while but not for long.


As stated before, the original Assyrians, “Shubaru / Subartu”, have nothing to do with the proto-Kaldi/Babylonians who started the local dynasties in the north “Nineveh Plain”, from the first king of Assur, Shammshi Adad I (1813 BC), to Sargon II (722BC).

It is shameful of those so-called modern Assyrian leaders to campaign against the native Iraqis, “Chaldeans”, and shame on those who are accepting living such a lowly lie.

Why do you think Chaldeans are falling behind, whether in Iraq or in the Diaspora, to an imported, small cult of Nestorian tribes of Qochanis?

- They are doing what we are not. They are seizing any opportunity to market their lie while most of our leaders (secular & sectarians) are hesitant and almost intentionally missing every single opportunity to right the wrong, by creating one excuse after another. It is an unbelievable act, which avoids addressing the Chaldean facts and rights. This is why they (the imported cult) are winning and we, the indigenous people of Iraq, are losing.

I will give you an example how the imported cult “Aṭurie of Hekkari and Urmia” is seizing ground and winning the international community’s support. As you know, I have spent over a quarter of a century researching the history of Mesopotamia and the Middle Eastern region and have worked hard for four years to finalize my book entitled “THE UNTOLD STORY OF NATIVE IRAQIS”. Furthermore, I have allocated, for its translation and publishing, a hefty budget that exceeds $40,000. However, the most shocking fact is that despite nominal support from a few friends, I did not receive a cent from neither sectarian nor secular Chaldean institutions even though I have been writing articles and posting calls to assist in producing this compelling book for years!

On the other hand, in December 2012, a top-ranked research and education institute (Uppsala University, Sweden) published a book entitled The Assyrian Heritage, which was edited by a Swedish scholar by the name Andreas Önver Cetrez, a senior lecturer at the Department of Theology, “History of Religions and The Social Sciences of Religion”!

Prof. Cetrez, was convinced to swallow the lies of the so-called Assyrians which were presented to him by the Nestorian politicians, two so-called Assyrian colleagues and youth from his classes!!

The aforementioned book published by that Swedish editor was executed with large support from a few Nestorian university instructors in the US and Canada who provided him with biased resources and twisted information. In fact, that book was the fruit of unlimited financial support from the so-called Assyrian organizations and leaders, which allowed them to succeed in making this propaganda quite believable. According to that book, all Iraqi Christians are considered Assyrians - a term that has nothing to do with ethnicity in the first place. However, the prior lie was swallowed and delivered through top-ranking university leaders to other Europeans and worldwide institutions such as the European Parliament and the UN Office - Geneva. It was also delivered to the Australian Immigration Office through the Assyrian Universal Alliance!

Yet not even one Chaldean political, cultural or even social group has opposed such an immoral and insulting practice.

Once again, I assure you that deeds not words are what matter, and that is why we are losing and they are winning, despite the fact that they are spreading lies while we are the true indigenous people of Iraq.

Do you think that other Chaldean scholars will walk your difficult path, especially when this group that is waging this campaign against you is well financed by local powers inside Iraq, regional, and international players?

- I strongly believe that other Chaldean scholars are willing to do so, besides the ones who have already published their studies, including my best friends and colleagues. Among the notable authors are Dr. Habib Tomi, Dr. Georges Mardo, and yourself in your recent Thesis “Chaldean Achievements in the Cultural-religious fields 1800-2000”.

Enough is enough, so whoever is playing this political game with Chaldeans, thinking that he/she is too wise to deceive all the people all the time, is dead wrong. I would appreciate passing their preaching and questioning of Chaldeans' honesty and credibility to those corrupted, imported politicians who are falsely claiming that they are the indigenous people of Iraq.

I have been standing up against this disgusting campaign against Chaldeans for years, and those amateurs will not write or say to me what was not told before. Neither they nor their scholars are capable of proving the claimed misconceptions that they have been spreading about Chaldeans since the 1990s. The same false claims that were academically refuted in my latest book, Part II, unless they believe that they are better than those who wrote to me before them, and by the way, they were only good at using profanity.

Once again, I do not care if any so-called Assyrian wants to fool him/herself into believing that they are Assyrians or even Martians, which is their right and their problem as well. However, it is crossing a RED LINE, and it is another issue, when the so-called Assyrian leaders, i.e., Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, the double agent, Younadim Kanna, the Iranian pawn of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Sarkis Aghajan, and others, immorally and intentionally campaign to strip Chaldeans of their ethnic identity. It is considered offensive and a crime to shift the legitimacy of the indigenous people of Iraq from Chaldeans to some imported cult (the so-called Assyrians), using the ancient regional term Assyrians to manipulate and convince Westerners and the worldwide decision-makers.

Here is another wake-up-call for all so-called Assyrians, so that they may awaken from their daydream fantasy. While all the Christians worldwide have celebrated the resurrection of our LORD and Savior recently, I would like to inform you that JESUS was Chaldean; you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, just read the Bible “The family tree of JESUS CHRIST …Mathew 1”. You can also read the book of the Genesis, about the origins and the family roots and home of father Abraham before immigrating to the Promised Land, if you consider yourself Christian.

Any last word about the book and its crucial message?

- The book has been out for the last three years, yet there has not been a single criticism from a scholar in this field. In fact, all those scholars who reviewed and wrote about it were very satisfied with its contents and unique coverage of the most controversial subjects.

We are very proud to be Christians, but we are also very proud of being Chaldeans - the indigenous people of Iraq. It is not right or fair to be hijacked of our ethnic identity and to be slashed out of our rights and looked down upon for years, and that my friend, is the main purpose of writing this book.



*Nazar Malakha, M.A., is a professional writer and historian. He is also the former vice-chairman of the founding members of the Chaldean International Writer Union.

------- * -------


An invitation to refresh the so-called Assyrian memory, “an excerpt from one of Amer H. Fatuhi’s articles”



Scientific equation in six steps - Gentle Reminder

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that the names “Babylonia” and “Assyria” are “regional” names, and the inhabitants of these two regions took their designations as “Babylonians” and “Assyrians” from those regions’ names, as nowadays Iraqis and Americans take their national names (designations) from Iraq and America


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that all “Assyrian” local dynasties came from Babylonian origin


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that “Chaldeans” are themselves the ancient “Babylonians”


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that Chaldeans “ethnically” are the founders of both regions, "Babylonia" and "Assyria"

Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees that the first and the last Mesopotamian king was descendant of “Chaldean - Babylonian” ancestors.


Almost every credible historical and Biblical source agrees on a scientific and logical fact that, because Mesopotamian “Assyrians” came from the Mesopotamian “Babylonians”, and because “Chaldeans” are themselves the ancient “Babylonians” then, logically, the ancient local “Assyrians” are therefore “Chaldeans”


------- * -------


To learn more about the book visit:



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