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Feb. 21, 2016

St. Peter's Chaldean Cathedral
Notes for the third Sunday of Sawma



Let us pray and plead to God the Lord for all the children of the church especially the displaced and oppressed and especially the Christians of Nineveh, the Sick and the Neediest. For Peace throughout the world, the Perpetual Intentions of our beloved deceased and the intentions of this Sunday:

  • Adil Qas Yonan- Died in San Diego
  • Younis Juba- Died in San Diego
  • Sabah Yaldo- Died in Detroit
  • Mike Qiryaqoza- Died in Detroit
  • Najah Kati- Died in Detroit
  • Habby Kato- Died in Sweden
  • Najma Dikhy- In memory of the 40th

May this offering be accepted for them and for all of us foreve


Sunday Notes

  1. This Tuesday, February 23, St. Peter Diocese will have its seventh and last lecture of the Liturgical Course for the Year of Mercy from 6:00- 8:00pm at the Educational Center.
  2. As a reminder, the weekly lectures organized by the "Couples' Bible Study Group" meet every Tuesday evening from 8 to 9:00pm. These talks are given in English by Bishop Bawai Soro and cover various topics of the Christian Faith and Church History. We urge married and engaged couples to attend. Single individuals are also very welcome.
  3. St. Peter Diocese is hosting a “Gathering for Married Men” on Thursday; February 25, 2016 from 8 to 9 pm at the Educational Center. Bishop Bawai Soro will be there to welcome the participants. Finger-food and refreshments will be served. Invitation Forms are available outside the cathedral. All married adult Chaldean men are welcome.
  4. The Athlete's Retreat will take place for the first time on April 15- 17, 2016. It is open to men and women, age 18 and up, who are athletic in some way and who wish to grow closer to Christ through a spiritually and physically enriching weekend. If you are interested in attending or would like more information please call the church office or talk to Fr. Simon.
  5. We would like to encourage everyone to watch the movie “Risen.” The movie is currently out in theaters. We are also proud to announce that one of the producers in this movie, Peter Shlemoon, and one of the actors, Jacob Yakoub, are Chaldeans.



  1. Today Saturday we have the wedding of:
    Vincent Kajji and Maggie Kaskorkis at 6:00pm.
  2. This Sunday we have the wedding of:
    Alen Babbi and Nadyah Kassab at 5:30pm.
  3. Next Saturday we have two weddings:
    a. Fadi Yousif and Babe Hana at 6:00pm
    b. Lans Alkas Shamoon and Sandra Yousif at 7:00pm.


Sunday Services

  • Josseph Khathori Najor died in San Diego– Burial prayers and services are offered this Monday at St. Peter Cathedral at 10:00am.
  • Polus Shorees died in San Diego– His family will accept condolences this Sunday at St. Peter’s Hall from 2:00- 6:00pm. Burial prayers and services are offered this Wednesday at 10:00am at St. Michael Church.


Masse intentions: All Mass Intentions are on the Altar.