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Mar. 12, 2017

St. Peter's Chaldean Cathedral
Notes for the third Sunday of Sawma/ Lent



Let us pray and plead to God the Lord for all the children of the church especially the displaced and oppressed and especially the Christians of Nineveh, the Sick and the Neediest. For Peace throughout the world, the Perpetual Intentions of our beloved deceased and the intentions of this Sunday:

  • Loza Yakoub- Died in San Diego
  • Miryamo Thewani- Died in Michigan
  • Nadiya Kassab- Died in Michigan
  • Khosheebo Mansour- Died in Michigan
  • Sami Ma’roof- Died in Michigan
  • Khudher Patti- Died in Michigan
  • Afeefa Arabo- Died in Michigan
  • Qeryaqos Sadiq- Died in Canada
  • Zeto Estifo- Died in France
  • Manook Nirsisyan- Died in Dihok
  • Amal Abdulla- Died in Iraq

May this offering be accepted for them and for all of us foreve


Sunday Notes

  1. The Diocese asks all faithful attending masses to be aware of panhandling individuals around church property especially on Sundays, who are causing serious traffic delays after each mass. We advise you not to stop your car to hand them money, as they have previously refused church assistance and are imposters pretending to be poor and who also park their cars around the church. Instead, we ask all of you to donate in the “needy box” at the church doors before you leave so we can help several poor and homeless families.



  1. Next Saturday we have two weddings:
    a. Rambo Tomika and Reva Askaro at 6:00pm.
    b. Rami Oraha and Sarah Abid at 7:00pm.
  2. Next Sunday we have two weddings:
    a. Tony Shabo and Nasmah Alsafee at 5:30pm.
    b. Ghazwan Namo and Clara Saroky at 6:30pm.


Sunday Services

  • Najma Kalasho died in San Diego. Funeral Services are offered this Monday, March 13, at 10:00am at St. Peter Cathedral. After burial, her family will accept condolences at the Cathedral’s Hall from till 6:00pm.
  • Manook Nirsisyan- Services this Sunday in memory of the 7th from his brother Seerop at St. Michael’s Hall from 1:00- 5:00pm.
  • Khudher Patti- Services this Sunday in memory of the 7th from his sister and his nephew Salam at Mollison’s Hall from 2:00- 6:00pm.
  • Amal Abdulla- Services this Sunday in memory of the 7th from her daughter Rajaa Yakoub at the address:
    1628 Danny Ln., El Cajon


Masse intentions: All Mass Intentions are on the Altar.