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Mar. 19, 2017

St. Peter's Chaldean Cathedral
Notes for the fourth Sunday of Sawma/ Lent



Let us pray and plead to God the Lord for all the children of the church especially the displaced and oppressed and especially the Christians of Nineveh, the Sick and the Neediest. For Peace throughout the world, the Perpetual Intentions of our beloved deceased and the intentions of this Sunday:

  • Najma Kalasho- Died in San Diego
  • Najeeb Hanosh- Died in Michigan
  • Matthew Qisto- Died in Michigan
  • Jameela Al Qas-Shamoon- Died in Michigan
  • Siham Youno- Died in Michigan
  • Hazar Cholagh- Died in Canada
  • Murad Matti- Died in Australia

May this offering be accepted for them and for all of us foreve


Sunday Notes

  1. This week is the middle of Lent and it is called Palgu. During this week fast until noon and abstain from meat. Ramsha and Masses will be celebrated on its regular times.



  1. This Sunday we have two weddings:
    a. Tony Shabo and Nasmah Alsafee at 5:30pm.
    b. Marriage blessing of Ghazwan Namo and Clara Saroky at 6:30pm.
  2. Next Saturday we have the wedding of:
    Jonathan Bahri and Anita Hakim at 6:00 pm.


Sunday Services

  • Nader Yaghob Hakeem died in San Diego. Funeral Prayers are offered this Monday, March 20, at 10:00 am at St. Peter Cathedral. After burial, his family will accept condolences at the Cathedral’s Hall until 5:00pm.
  • Hayat A’kam- Died in Michigan. Funeral services are offered this Monday, March 20 from her son Nashwan and daughter Ban Qonja at St. Peter’s Hall from 5:00- 8:00pm.
  • Hawa Ishaq- Died in Canada. Funeral services are offered this Wednesday, March 22 from her brother Younan and her son Yousif at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church’s Hall from 1:00- 5:00pm


Masse intentions: All Mass Intentions are on the Altar.