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Apr. 01, 2017

Iraqi Parliament approves decision to ban Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk


Iraqi parliament.

Kirkuk - Kurdish members of the Iraqi parliament left a parliamentary session on Saturday after it issued a decision against raising the Kurdistan flag on state buildings in Kirkuk province.

The Iraqi parliament approved a decision on Saturday to ban the Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk, stating that only the Iraqi flag should be raised over the government institutions across the city.

The parliament has also decided that only the central government in Baghdad is authorized to deal with Kirkuk oil.

The decision led to tensions between the Kurdish factions and the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri. The Kurdish MPs as a result withdrew from the session to show their objection to the parliament’s decision, and described the decision as “unconstitutional”.

Kirkuk provincial council voted on March 28 in favour of the decision by governor Najmaddin Karim to hoist the Kurdistan flag alongside the Iraqi flag on the state buildings in the city.