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Apr. 02, 2017

St. Michael's Chaldean Church
Notes for the sixth Sunday of Sawma/ Lent


Brief summary of the Masses on Sunday

Offer of peace to those who have past:

  • Mickael Afram Aqrawi- Died in Sweden/ in memory of 7th/ from his uncle Fared Akrawe/ consolation today at St. Michael Hall from 1:00- 5:00PM.
  • Jameel Osagi- Died in Michigan/ in memory of 7th/ from his nephew Bashar, Fadi & Wesam/ consolation today at:
    346 Jamacha Rd # 67 El Cajon.
  • Nadera Ateek- Died in Escondido/ consolation from her husband Salem Ateek & her family on Tuesday at Royall Palace 's Hall from 4-8 PM.
  • Nabeel Tomas- Died in Sun Diego
  • Nowel Istepho Hanno- Died in Sun Diego
  • Amena Zetto Alsanati- Died in San Jose
  • Jameel Zaya Mikheil- Died in Michigan
  • Essa Butrose makhi- Died in Norway
  • Alezabith Yousif Odish- Died in Canada
  • Majeeda Shamoon Alsabagh- Died in Lebanon
  • Habah Issa Hantya- Died in Alkosh


Prayers for the occasion of forty:

  • Gorial Butros Arabo
  • Laith Yousif Michael Kako
  • Khather Toma Pati
  • Losa Danel Khowaja



Masses on Sunday

Offer of peace for those who had past away

Azhar Kourou/ (Mary Matthew) the intention of private/ Jussi & Naima Talya/ Yousif Hirmiz Meram & his son Gasan/ Jerjess Yatoma & her daughter suad/ Shamaya Kassab/ Wadiaa & Thamer Hababa/ Tobia Pato Salem/ Madlen Gorge Antwan &her son Talal/ Adnan Meram/ Yousif Yago Yousif/ Kefaa Salmo/ Mano Ibrahim/ Johny Hermiz Jabro & his father/ Gorge & hanya Zetouna/ Goryal Rafoo & his wife Marosha and his son Fouad/ Mikha Jajo Am Poles & his wife Marosha/ Matti Razoqi Basaka/ Polis Shorees & his parents/ Hanna Mikha & Oday Samer Hanna/ Mariam Shayaa Shamashta/ Rofa Gorge Zetouna/ Anes Butros Gorgeees/ Michael Jabo Kranoo and his wife Hayat Namoo Basaka & there son Waleed/ Shaba Shbla/ Nissan Zora & his wife/ Shshan Mamoo & her Husbend/ Albrteen Michael Hanna/ Rami Mikhael/ Akhata Tobya Somo/ Maher Shemoon Kamro/ Samera Butros Handaya.