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Apr. 14, 2017

St. Michael church's youth group presents the stations of the cross live



This year was the third annual live Stations of the Cross play that is hosted every year for the San Diego community by the High School youth group of Saint Michael Chaldean Catholic Church. The students spend many weeks practicing and preparing for this play with the help of their youth leaders and the pastor of St. Michael, Msgr. Sabri Kejbo & Fr. David Stephen and it is with their pride and joy that they present it to the community.

As you might notice in the video there is no dialogue in the play and the reason for that is the fact that we all know the story of the passion of our Lord, the point that we are trying to make with the play is to make us feel the pain and suffering that Christ went through for us, out of His love. We leave it to the audience to have their hearts moved and their hearts tugged at by the scenery and actions of the play.

Our God created us and made a covenant with us out of His love for us; it is humanity who had broken the many covenants until finally our God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from eternal damnation and suffering. So during this time that we recall our Lords suffering we must also let go of our anger towards those that have hurt us, we must have love and mercy in our hearts to be able to continue in the path of Christ. He was beaten, humiliated and crucified and He accepted all of that because of His love for us. Let us continue in His footsteps and build unity within our communities, but to do this we must always build unity within our own selves first.

May the Lord God bless you all during this season and celebration of our new life in Christ.

Fr. David Stephen
Assistant Pastor, Saint Michael Chaldean Catholic Church