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Apr. 22, 2018

St. Michael's Chaldean Church
Notes for Fourth Sunday of the Resurrection


Brief summary of the Masses on Sunday

Offer of peace to those who have passed:

  • Madlen Alyas Sawa- Died in Zakho/ In memory of 7th/ from her daughter Alen zeza/ condolences today Sunday at Ishtar Hall from 4:00- 7:00PM.
  • Naheth Yousif Asmaro- Died in Michigan/ in memory of 7th/ from Kamela Razoqi/ condolences tomorrow Monday at Mollison hall from 3:00- 6:00PM.
  • Roza Naoum Razooq- Died in San Diego/ prayer service Wednesday at 10:00 at St. Peter Church.
  • Aless Maneek Eskander- Died in San Diego
  • Noor Shlemoon Khamro- Died in San Diego
  • Wilson Bibo Bahroo- Died in San Diego
  • Qeyou Oraha Akhash- Died in Michigan
  • Khazala Skarya Kajo- Died in Michigan
  • Basim Korel- Died in River Side
  • Salwa Hanena somo- Died in Canada
  • Sara Talya Youkhana- Died in Baghdad


Prayers for the occasion of forty:

  • Waleed Bahoo Oraha
  • Yousif Hanani
  • Ramzi Hermiz Shaba
  • Mikha Shaya Shoshani
  • Marya Hanna Alosagi
  • Sabreya Banyameen Israeel



Masses on Sunday

Offer of peace for those who had past away

Azhar Kourou/ (Mary Matthew) the intention of private/ Jussi & Naima, Talya/ Yousif Hirmiz Meram & his son Gasan/ Jerjess Yatoma & her daughter suad/ Shamaya Kassab/ Wadiaa & Thamer Hababa/ Tobia Pato & Gazala Salem/ Madlen Gorge Antwan & her son Talal/ Adnan Meram & her mother Salema Salem Meram and Jessin/ Yousif Yago Yousif/ Kefaa Salmo/ Mano Ibrahim/ Johny Hermiz Jabro & his father/ Gorge & hanya Zetouna and Rofa/ Goryal Rafoo & his wife Marosha and his son Fouad/ Mikha Jajo Ampolus & his wife Marosha/ Matti Razoqi Basaka/ Hanna Mikha& Oday Samer Hanna/ Mariam Shayaa Shamashta/ Slewa Hanna & his perants/ Romuo Tomas Jabro/ special intention/ Intention to heal a patient/ Yousif Awaness/ Jabrallah Bedaweed/ Anes Butros Gorges/ Thaer Isho Alsanati/ Salma Rayes (one Year)/ Gorges Hermiz & his family/ Nekhola Shamoon/ Hermiz Shaba/ Gorges Toma & Ghazala Oraha/ Michael & Amar/ Aster Shaba & Nasar Rezqalla/ Gorges Jawa & Zelfe Namou/ Yousif Marqous & Zelfe Namou Zora Basaca & his wife Sara Hermiz.