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Apr. 29, 2018

St. Peter's Chaldean Cathedral
Notes for Fifth Sunday of the Resurrection
Memorial of Mar Addai


Let us pray and plead to God the Lord for all the children of the church especially the displaced and oppressed and especially the Christians of Nineveh, the Sick and the Neediest. For Peace throughout the world, the Perpetual Intentions of our beloved deceased and the intentions of this Sunday:

  • Rosa Naoom Razook- Died in San Diego
  • Sinhareeb Matti Ballo- Died in San Diego
  • Wardia Isho Gorael- Died in San Diego
  • Alham Jamil Isaac- Died in San Diego
  • Bahjat Almudeer- Died in San Diego
  • Elias Khoshaba Hana- Died in Australia
  • Almas Sourisho- Died in Dehok
  • Preekha Gergees Hammi- Died in Telkef
  • Salim Hirmiz Jallo- Died in France
  • Younan Korkees Ishac Rayes- In memory of the 40th 

This week’s funerals

  • Mukhles Assoufi Tomeena died in San Diego. Funeral Mass on Tuesday May 1st at St. Peter Cathedral at 10:00am.

May this offering be accepted for them and for all of us foreve


Sunday Notes

  1. Daily Masses at St. John Church will start this Monday, April 30th at 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Arabic Mass is added to Sunday masses and the new mass schedule will start next Sunday, May 6th. Therefore, Mass schedule at St. John will be as follows: 9:00am in Chaldean, 11:00am in Arabic and 7:00pm in English.
  2. We encourage all Chaldean in San Diego to vote in the upcoming Iraqi Parliament elections and to vote for those who you believe will help the Christians of the region. There is a flyer outside of the Church with all the details.
  3. Knights of Columbus will have their 7th Chaldean Food Festival on Friday May 25th, 2018 from 5:00- 9:00pm at St. Peter Cathedral’s Hall. All profits will go to St. John the new Church in El Cajon. Tickets are available for sale outside the cathedral. Please help and support this important project.
  4. Next Tuesday is the Month of Mary Devotion, and the Memorial of Mart Shmoni and her sons.
  5. The Annual Knights of Columbus Graduation Party for High School and College and University graduates will be held on Wednesday, June 20 at St. Peter’s Hall at 7:00pm. Scholarships will be awarded to the graduates. For more information please visit: martomacouncil.org
  6. Next Thursday and Friday, the Sacred Heart Sodality will begin their prayers at 8:00am followed by Mass at 10:00am.


This Week’s weddings at the Cathedral:

  • Next Friday we will have the wedding of:
    Louay Ibrahim and Einas Shamo at 6:30 pm
  • Next Saturday we will have two weddings:
    1. Frank Al-Shamas and Leila Ragimova at 5:30pm
    2. Stefan Botany and Tanya Koda at 6:15pm


Masse intentions: All Mass Intentions are on the Altar.