June 30 , 2006

IRAQ... That We Know Best! ********************************************

An Art Exhibition That Makes You Sense Iraq’s Heartbeat

A Press Release

Mesopotamia art gallery at 800 Livernois concluded its series of art shows in the city of Ferndale. This latest show entitled “Iraq  ... That We Know Best!” held an opening reception intended for the Media Sector and the Art Community on June 23, 06. 


The exhibition which was approved by the International Association of Chaldean Professional Visual Artists ICA is extended for an extra week and will run through July 7, open 2:30-7: 30 PM, M, W-F. This unique art exhibition is adorned with art works by professional Iraqi artists among them professional Chaldeans i.e. ‘native Iraqis’.


The diverse art works were paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics - terra cotta, digital art graphics, and carving on glass. The participants include the pioneer artist Issa Hanna Dabish, the directors of the art gallery, the senior director and the international artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Mark George, Masaood Yaldo and Lavon Ammori. Other participants were M. Muhraddin, Mazin Elia, Qais Al-Sindy, Roche Binyamen, Dr. Wisam Marqus (Iraq);  Farouk Kaspaules and Mahmoud Al-Obaidi (Canada); Burhan Saleh Kirkukly and M. H. Abdulla (Holland); Dr. Alaa Hermiz, Joseph Yousif, Sony Bolis, Dr. Sue Roumayah, Susan Jadan, and Zuhair Shaaouni (USA). The show also included the art works of the late outstanding artist Ziad M. Haider who passed away a couple of months ago in his chosen exile Holland.


It is worth mentioning that this significant exhibition was sponsored by Dr. David Ayoub of Michigan Community Financial Services, Mr. Tarik Daoud of Al-Long Ford, Chaldean Flag Gift-Shop, Chaldean Educational Center of America, Mr. Sahir Al-Malih of ICA Media and Freedom Sun Paper, Mr. Nick Najjar of Voice of Detroit Radio.

The National Iraqi Satellite TV AL  HURRA covered this important event through interviewing the artist Amer Fatuhi, the senior director of Mesopotamia art gallery,  Mr. Marshal Garmo the well-known writer and attorney, and the well known writer Mrs. Weam Namo, along with a few other guests. ICA TV, also covered this event by interviewing the artist Fatuhi, Mr. Bassel Odesh from BO studio for the Art of Stamps and a few other guests. Ferndale Friends local newspaper attended this event through its editor in-chief Stephanie. The Jewish Cultural Center was represented by  the director of JCE Gallery, Ms. Terri Stearn. Numerous key people, from the American and Chaldean community attended this event among them, Dr. Phyllis Nuda the president & CEO of the 3rd Millennum Education Fundation, Mrs. Sue Kattula, Warren Board of Education, Mrs. Waem Namo the well-know Chaldean Novelist, Mr. Tarik Daoud, Owner & Chairman of Al-Long Ford, Sam Yono and Mr. Norman Kiminaia, Owners of the ArabAmerican International TV, Dr. Shakir Georges, the Metaphysical Scienist, Dr. Marshal Garmo the Chaldean well-know attorney and a lot of other prominent people .


* During the evening, an honorary award was rewarded to Dr. David Ayoub for his continuous financial support for the community and for his financial assistance to the art community.


* Ms. Lavon Ammori the painter and printmaker, talked about her momentous project, the academic book about Contemporary Iraqi Chaldean Art. To learn more about this important project or to contact the author, kindly visit Ms. Lavon Ammori’s page at www.chaldeanart.com.


For more information about the exhibition and the Artists kindly call Mesopotamia Art Gallery at 248-582-9088 Between the hours 2:30 & 7:30 PM.







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